Sweet soul driven harmonies over tight powerful songwriting. Acoustic Minds grabs you from the start and doesnt let go. Influences vary from deep soulfilled blues to rock and jazz. Live performances are a must see for this twin fronted group. You stand witness to the magic as it happens.

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Back from Burning Man, many studio happenings.. the new record master has been delivered.
We are just getting the finances in order to get them pressed. Let us know if you want to get on the pre-order list for the upcoming record. Be the first to get it!!

Artists You Should Know

This is that rare nugget you look for as a music writer.

Jenni and Amanda Price are sisters, twins in fact. One can only imagine that it is the closely shared DNA that accounts for the flawless melding of their beautiful voices. Each alone is a fascinating talent, able to invoke folk, blues, soul and any number of genres. But together they titallate every one of the senses.

Singing since age two, they have only now given up their day jobs and decided to break free and become full time musicians. A big move for any artist, let alone two not-yet-thirty year old sisters. But it is a move that has been applauded by their peers, and a much hoped for announcement from their fans.

They have played around the country in every facet of venue and stage size. They play as a duet, have Jeremy Serwer join them to make a dynamic trio, and then break out with a full on band on occasion. But regardless of who else they are on stage with your attention never leaves the sisters.

Off-stage they are both unassuming and casual, without a hint of their talent apparent. But their charisma and engaging personalities are always on display, radiatiing off of them as naturally as they breathe. You would want them as a sister, a best friend, a girlfriend - their joyful outlook on life being the draw. So once they hit the stage and really turn it on, all bets are off.

While their newfound full-time musician status means they will be playing more, it also means they will be touring points elsewhere as well, making the shows they do at home all the more precious. With two local album releases under their belt, 'Time' in 2005 and the even more critically acclaimed 2006 release 'Live at Mississippi Studios', they have a bountiful array of selections to choose from. But this is still only a pale example of what their live show is like.

Beautiful harmonies dont do the sisters justice. Its like hearing two shades of the same voice, seeing both sides of the same coin at the same time. Kitschy, we know, but its the truth. We keep hoping for juicy wild sibling rivalry stories from the road, but no such luck. So in the meantime, check the calendar and find these girls before they get snatched up by the big cities.

- From the August 2008 Music Spectator - Thanks Craig!!

The scoop with Acoustic Minds/AM

Formed in 2002 by identical twins Amanda & Jenni Price.
This eclectic group has been blessed to play with many skilled musicians
in the NW & across the United States.

With 140 shows complete & another 80 booked -
2008 is proving to be the busiest year yet for this soulful twin fronted group.
- 200 shows in 2007
- 190 shows in 2006
- 200 shows in 2005

They have travelled nationally on a 10 week tour that covered 37 states and 59 cities.
In March of this year they travelled on a 10 day West coast as well as two mini tours across the NW -12 days in April and 10 days in May.
The last of these being a Peace Tour sponsored by LA's Department of Peace and Non-Violence.

They have played some great rooms including:
- Portland's most intimate venue: the Aladdin Theater in 2008
- LA's prestigious Room 5 in June of 2007 & The Mint in the Spring of 2008.
- San Francisco's Hotel Utah & Make Out Room in 2005, 2006, 2007.
- New York City's Living Room & Sidewalk Cafe in 2005.
- Houston's McGonigel's Mucky Duck in 2005.
- Missula's Top Hat Lounge & Casino in 2005
+ many amazing venues around the United States

Creating that live connection with each show they have maintained a growing fan base that boasts over 12,000 friends on Myspace and over 112,000 views.
They are poised to take this new album to the TOP.
The music is honest & powerful.
Known for their tight harmonies and solid groove, this band is one you wont easily forget.

Recent local events include performances:
- MAINSTAGE at the 3900' Festival -
- MAINSTAGE @ the 2008 Olympic Trials w/ MarvEllis
- MAINSTAGE at the BITE of Oregon as the "NW Fresh" this August.
proud to be considered "Oregon's Best"
- Stand By for the North By North East Music Festival this June.
- Mississippi St Fair - MAINSTAGE!!
- NACA ~ Central Division **Performance Sampler**(through Dreamscapers Artist Development)
- Stacking the charts on MYSPACE.com in the TOP #10 for soul/acoustic/rock.
- Honorable mention in the USA Songwriting Competition in 2007.
Colleges, festivals & venues be on the look out. New hot sound coming with the 3rd release this fall!! (AM RADIO)
- Regional Finalists for the NewSongMusic Festival
(live finale' in LA @ the Mint on September 2nd, 2008)

** Pioneer Courthouse Square - Race for the Cure & AIDS Walk performances in 2005, 2006, 2007 **
** Portland WATERFRONT Blues Festival - 2007 **
** Bite of Oregon, Fountain Stage and Center Stage 2005, 2006, 2007 **
** 1000 CD's sold out from first Album "Time" **
** 1000 CD's sold from second album "Live @ Mississippi Studios" **
** Streaming live in the US and Japan, 50 on-air & online radio stations **
** Live on-air performances on 15 radio station's nationally **

Played with national acts: Bone Thugs in Harmony, Nas, Lyrics Born, Itawe
Local favorites & stars in their own right: Livesavers, Linda Hornbuckle, Tony Furtado, Patrick Lamb, Storm Large, Five Fingers of Funk

Oregon Colleges: Portland State University, Pacific University, University of Portland, Lewis & Clark, Linfield College, Western Oregon, Oregon State University, Lane CC, Mt Hood CC, PCC-Sylvania, PCC-Montevilla

Cal Poly University, Boise State University & Western Washington University.

"Time" Released April of 2005
"Live @ Mississippi Studios" Released May 2006
"AM Radio" Releasing end of Fall of 2008
Currently streaming tracks online & radio from both the albums. We will be doing a full West Coast radio push for the new album.

Album #3 is in the mastering stage at Threshold Music and Sound.

"the Only" is streaming live on I-LA Radio and we are in the quarter finals for ABC Radio Networks FAMEGAMES for both "the Only" and "New York"

Short and Sweet

Sweet soul driven harmonies over tight powerful songwriting. Acoustic Minds grabs you from the start and doesnt let go. Influences vary from deep soulfilled blues to rock and jazz. Live performances are a must see for this twin fronted group. You stand witness to the magic as it happens.

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