She has her own individual style being sexy and mellow with a touch of funk. This girl is Hot! With the right team she’s UNSTOPPABLE.

She recently recorded four "New" songs. CHECK THEM OUT! She completed her first EP in 2004 in which she wrote and arranged the vocals on three of the four songs. She's performed at the following Venues: The Avenue Nightclub, Washington, DC August 2005; Jammin Java, Vienna, VA, August 2005; Collegeperk Coffeehouse, College Park, MD, August 2005; Cheverly Community Center, Cheverly, Maryland, June 2005; RAND Corporation, Arlington, VA, February 2005; Borders Book Store, Largo, MD, August 2004; College Perk Coffeehouse, College Park, MD, August 2004; Fill-In for John Stoddard at Lyrical Sipps, Ft. Washington, MD, July 2004; and Personal Events, Ongoing.


She's one of the hottest women in the market now! She has her own individual style being sexy and mellow with a touch of funk. Her voice is soulful and melodic. This girl is Hot! With the right team she's UNSTOPPABLE!

Born and raised in Washington, DC, she assumed an interest in music as a small child. Singing has always been her passion. At a young age she would write songs and always surrounded herself with something musical while attending school. The desire to share her talents with the world has always been her dream.

She joined a female rap group, by the name of Complexity. They wrote music and recorded a demo. After several months of recording, Complexity split for undisclosed reasons.

She completed her first demo that included 4 songs 3 of which she wrote and arranged in 2004. She recently worked with a well known producer in California and recorded 4 new songs with which she has compiled with the previous recordings and manufactured her own CD titled "Whyte Chocolate" and has had several performances at local venues and sold several copies.

She's looking forward to making more formal appearances in the near future and has been meeting with major record labels. She has invested much into her music career takes it very seriously.

She's looking forward to continuing to mature and learning everything she can to become one of the BEST in the business.

She would like to be an example to others by inspiring them that you can achieve your dreams. Encouraging them to be motivated, driven and determined to make it happen for themselves.

She says "opportunities are available, you just have to take advantage of those that are available to you and work them to the fullest, not letting discouragement stop you but to use it as a driving force of determination. The sky is the limit and I'm reaching for stars. I am the next Star!"

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