my name is country oat. i am insane............if you dig my music i absolutely love you...if not then..........piss off

well...i actually havent uploaded any music yet.but it is soon to come!now it has....that was fast

i told you i was insane

well....i can't think of a thing to write,so

yours truly

Bleeding teeth country oat(a.k.aLasse Jensen)


New song uploaded.this mother's called not talkin' trash....

first song uploaded

FINALLY bathroom has been 8 is soon to come.i think it will be there tommorow

just a test

1-2...1-2 this is just a test


My primary influences are:Jimi hendrix,black flag,sonic youth,black sabbath,led zeppelin,robert johnson,john lee hooker,alice in chains,Zeke,run-DMC,Public enemy,Johnny Cash,Ramones,blues explotion,eels,tom waits,venom,mercyful fate,beasti boys,pantera,some thethe,Early Red hot chili peppers,soundgarden,bevis frond,Drive-by-truckers,the beat farmers,faith no more and alot more


There wont be any songs on this page until they are converted into mp3....jesus christ

My Gear

I use a dunlop crybaby,a carl martin big john powersupply(DANISH DYNAMITE),a boss ds-1 distortion,an mt-2 metal zone, and an electroharmonix smallstone phaser.I play an epiphone sg-400 vintage,and a washburn N2 nuno bettencourt model.i recommend it all.

first text

I have a kinda wierd wiev at the singer/songwriter musical style.with lots of electricity and irony.its a pretty dark wiev...

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