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Dan Taub aka "Verbal Science" was born in Brooklyn, NY on March 2, 1981. As a young child, Science was introduced to rap and was soon after brainwashed by the head bobbing instrumentals and the raw, realness of the lyrical content. In school he would love to write poetry and was told he had a special talent for creative writing. In 1995, Science started to transform the poetry into a more standard and concrete art form...Hip Hop. Although he never actually rapped over a beat, he continued to emphasize on lyrical content working on a unique multi-syllable rhyme scheme, as well as practicing with creative wordplay. By the year 2000, Science started to record some tracks over instrumentals and dropped his first underground CD in 2002. The CD created a local buzz due to the professional sounding flows. As the months went on, so did the cds. After a couple tracks have been circulated via the internet, Science hooked up with DJ Short-e to record some bars on Short-e's mixed cds. This gave Science a lot more exposure and in July 2003, he recorded his debut single in the famous Hot4eva Studio in Tampa Bay Florida. For the months following, he has been featured on more tracks on Short-e's mixes, and recorded two more underground albums. Now that the New Year has arrived, it is time to rep Hot4eva Records to the fullest, so Science has decided to move down to Tampa Florida to really get shit crackin'. Since his move to Tampa, Science has formed a solid fan base through local performanc

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