Shia Fisher has produced music for over 10 years and has been previously been nominated for a MAMA Award under the alias Folie Stasis. The music has evolved into a mainstream hip hop sound from its Experimental beginnings. Shia spends most of his time volunteering at WSUM 91.7FM Madison as the Director of their flagship program "On Wisconsin," cover news and topics of public intrigue. Shia is the proud parent of a daughter entering middle school. Shia is also in the community as a small business owner of a company that consults with individual for media purposes.

Shia has an interest in creating a 501c3 "Father's of Hip Hop" // "Friends of Fathers" to provide free studio time to men ages 18-26 with children 0-5 following a program to help them find full time employment, a pathway in to higher education, and a consistent placement schedule with their child. Friends of Father's are anyone else who support these men.

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Shia is not just an artist, he is an innovator and an entrepreneur. He has several credits UW Madison and plans to study more computer science and economics in the semesters to come. Shia is spiritual, and believes in curating a strong community. Recently Shia has announced that he is retiring from the Folie Stasis hip hop era, and starting a new project under the name "Trend The Rapper." Stay tuned, because Shia Fisher always surprises us with something new.
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