Percy was born in Tarapoto on October 10, 1995.

He learned guitar from a young age and then musical composition academically discovering like this his proximity to classical music .

His first appearances on stage were between 13 and 14 years old, playing lead guitar in many rock and metal bands in his hometown , highlighting ability to execute the instrument.

He began recording his ideas from 14 to 17 years old , which would be a key part of ''Perspectiva'' (Album) because it is a compilation from Remastered Demos

Soon he was well received among local, regional and even national events, touring with many bands of different genres.

We can now say, That did remarkable work in academic and popular composition for himself and many musicians.

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A little from Me..

I learned to play guitar at an early age discovering Jimi Hendrix.
when I was about thirteen years old, I started playing with some rock bands.
After some years I formed a metal band, where I could show my prowess with the guitar and musical composition.
I worked in alternative music projects helping diversification of musical genres in my city, music like Reggae, Ska, Punk, Hardcore, Fusion, Contemporary Classical, Progressive, etc..
recently I am composing and arranging music, also ordering old recordings to show on some websites.
Thank you for reading.

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