Electric Flowers

reveiws say Deep beats and electronica fuse effortlessly with real world organica (OK, I made that bit up), and you've got an intense blessed out sound that works as well on the dance floor, or the living room floor. subba-cultcha Anyone who likes Asian dance music will love this and the way it combines some dark beats ('Serene Smile') with pure positive happy vibes ('Electric Flowers') makes it all the more tasteful. The essence of what makes so much on here work is Xfile being a technically solid producer, developing sounds rather than picking them from a preset basket. Aref Durvesh, who has worked with nearly all the top Asian underground groups very rarely puts a step wrong and the back up cast of singers and rappers merely add to the flavours. 'Electric Flowers' gets a strong 8 out of 10!!!! DesiTunes4U


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