The Revenge of the Rowdy Prairie Dogs

Winner of 3 MAMA awards for Country Album of the Year, Americana Song of the Year and male vocalist of the year. Nominated for best Alt. Country record of the year for the 2008 Independant Music Awards! Click on Song Titles to view LYRICS.

Rebel Domino
Country - Rock
Plays: 1,356
My Perfect Girl
Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll
Plays: 869
Country - Rock
Plays: 555
Home Movies
Country - Rock
Plays: 290
Loved Like That
Country - General
Plays: 405
Tumbleweeds On Main Street
Country - Rock
Plays: 459
No More Tears
Country - General
Plays: 329
Tell Me True
Country - Rock
Plays: 245
Pushing Back Midnight
Country - Rock
Plays: 386
One More Gambling Man
Country - General
Plays: 358

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