Christianity In A Nutshell

The songs in this album communicate the universal beliefs of Christianity and help non-Christians quickly understand the basic background of the faith. In less than an hour, listeners will be exposed to the gist of the Christian faith, regardless of their personal religious background. Anyone who wishes to learn about or to understand the basics of Christianity will find this album to be a good place to start: it's informal, it's informative, it's inspirational, and it's enjoyable. Christianity in a Nutshell is simply intended to be a very brief summary of the Good News - the Holy Bible. Thus the songs on this album briefly touch on the important subjects that are significant to all Christians such as: His Birth - Greatest Gift, Greatest Love (Track #2) Baptism (Track #3) Resurrection (Track #4) Children Story (Track #5) Communion (Track #6) Our Local Church (Track #7) Wedding (Track #8) Love According to 1st Cor. 13 (Track #9) Last Day on Earth (Track #15) Praise & Worship (Tracks 1, 10, and others)


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