Dear Me...Sincerely You

This self-written, self-recorded, and self-produced CD contains twelve pieces reflecting topics ranging from relationships, to penguins, to death, to heartache. The songs span multiple genres as Scott has been influenced by all types of music. Each song has a unique character and feel to it. This CD contains many catchy, unforgetable songs that will stay in your head for days.

Honky Tonk
Pop - Rock
Plays: 42
Ga Ding Ga Doo Bee
Pop - Alternative
Plays: 27
Milk & Things
Rock - General
Plays: 17
Rock - Punk
Plays: 15
Wiggle 2 This
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 31
Ttocs I.C.
Rock - Punk
Plays: 6
Eating Soup Con Un Fork
Pop - Rock
Plays: 19
The Perishment of Lilacs
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 8
All I Wanna Do
Rock - Punk
Plays: 93
Square World
Electronic - Dance
Plays: 12
The Last Chance
Rock - Punk
Plays: 9
Somethings Never Change
Rock - Punk
Plays: 28
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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