Like a bowlful of colorful marbles, Marvel is a collection of unique songs by Mrs. Kate. Where else are you going to find tunes about chocolate and pickleball? Smartphones and bounce houses? Hiking and litter? God ruling your thought life? Let Your Heart Live Forever and All of my Friends are Dead? Here's your ticket to the crazy world of Mrs. Kate! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to Root, Little Piggy!

The Chocolate Song
Unique - Children
Plays: 384
Root Little Piggy
Unique - Children
Plays: 45
The Pickleball Song K
Rock - Modern
Plays: 86
I'm a Hoosier
Folk - Country
Plays: 55
Let Your Heart Live Forever
Unique - Gospel
Plays: 45
Eyes on Jesus
Unique - Gospel
Plays: 24
Thought Life Victory Song
Unique - Gospel
Plays: 60
Every Good Thing Bestowed James 1:17
Unique - Gospel
Plays: 44
Holy Spirit Blow Me Down
Unique - Gospel
Plays: 13
Litter Stinks
Unique - General
Plays: 15
Google It - The Smart Phone Song
Pop - General
Plays: 466
Delete Delete Delete (A Computer and Email Song)
Pop - General
Plays: 261
Bounce House
Unique - Comedy
Plays: 262
Made in China
Pop - General
Plays: 383
The Pickleball Song L
Pop - General
Plays: 58
Bushwhacking Blues
Blues - General
Plays: 9
All of my Friends are Dead
Folk - Religious
Plays: 60

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