“WHAT I WANT”" features an organic mix of what Liz Tansey calls Urban Outlaw Blues. Others call it sexy, swampy and “...a gigantic roller coaster ride between those two inseparable bed-mates: music & emotion...” Real Music magazine. The CD was co-produced by Liz & Ralph Cole (guitarist, composer, producer and co-founding member of Lighthouse) and offers 11 songs, 7 of which were co-written by Liz. Subject matter ranges from love & lust to friendship, the homeless, biblical girls and taking a stand. “Overall,” explains Liz, “the perspective of the album is about living one’s life bravely, acknowledging weaknesses, being unafraid of falling down and always getting back up.” “The most important thing about choosing the songs I didn’t write for the CD was wishing that I HAD written them!” Shirley Eikhard (who penned Bonnie Raitt’s smash hit “Let’s Give ‘em Something to Talk About”) is represented by the CD’s rockin’ opener, “Struck By Love”; Gretchen Peters (“Independence Day”) & Kim Williams (“Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘til the Sun Comes Up”) co-wrote the defiant “Jawjackin’ (You Do the Talkin’)”. Top Toronto musicians Paul DeLong on drums, Scott Alexander on bass, Ralph Cole and Ted Quinlan on guitars, Doug Riley on keyboards as well as a brilliant horn section, stellar background singers and guest players create the rich backdrop for Liz Tansey’s sassy, supple vocals.

What I Want
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