Euphoric Darkness

Kevin M Buck’s new CD Euphoric Darkness features Buck’s vocal and guitar skills with an emphasis on hit songs. This is done while still incorporating revolutionary guitar playing. The album has 12 tracks on it with three instrumentals. Euphoric Darkness was recorded by Jay Walsh at Farview Recording in St. Charles, IL. The songs cut you very deep. Songs discuss topics such as magick, immortality, love, astrology, karma, depression, insanity, drug addiction, homelessness, dualities such as good and evil, and life and death. It is an album many different types of people will love and be able relate to. The first single “Dreamchild” can be heard at The new website will be launched later next week with other Kevin M Buck tracks to be heard there as well. The album will be available for purchase on the website October 11. Kevin M Buck’s first album Initiation proved that Buck is an accomplished guitar virtuoso. His new album “Euphoric Darkness” proves that he is great vocalist and an excellent songwriter.

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