No Regrets

Artist: Kevin Duke Title: No Regrets Style: Adult Contemporary Music CD The latest release by Ugly Duck Records will grab the attention of the seasoned adult contemporary listener. No Regrets from Kevin Duke provides the audience with a unique C'est la Vie sound of inspiring lyrics and all-round good music. Kevin Duke does not conform to any one particular genre, but rather reaches across a wide range of styles, from rock to reggae, to pop, to the enigmatic. At times flippant, but always with a serious edge, his lyrics and pleasant vocal style are bound to demand a closer listen. With slick guitar work and tight arrangements, the album soon settles into a steady groove of pleasant melodies and contemporary rhythms. Tracks like "C'est la Vie" and "Outta Touch" move along with a smooth rock feel while "Flowers" and "Don' Wanna Marry" will make you want to sing along. But it also has its serious side, as in "Choose your Destination" and "Take Me". No Regrets also features the exceptional vocal talents of Lynn Telfer and the sensitive touch of Pete Lambshead on lead guitar. Also featured on guitar are the slick contributions of Sean Liebenberg and Steve and Barry Swan, giving the album a wide spread and diverse flavour. This exciting new release is both fresh and dynamic and is sure to find popularity amongst a broad audience.

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