Nothing Like Belief

Album- Nothing Like Belief (2006) Tracks- rosa say goodbye the best of times all in my name nothing like belief blind staying focused honestly no particular blues wait in line This album seemed to have a life of its own. With the exception of Blind and Wait in line, I was working on all the other tracks pretty much at the same time. Rosa Parks did more for civil rights and racial equality than any self obsessed politician could ever have done in a lifetime of electioneering. The world's a sadder place without her. Say goodbye started life as an imagined image of an old American diner with shiny red bench seats and a young couple from either end of the social scale trying to build up the courage to run away. No particular blues started out as a riff on the dobro and wouldn't go away untill I'd given it lyrics. Honestly is a circular argument starting with the notion of getting out of the rat race and turning our backs on all the bad stuff in the world....but could we? would it really work? The best of times is a sequence of snap shots of the professional holiday crew- Deb, Sarah, Psycho and Me, great friends, great times. Anyway, as you can tell, I enjoyed making this album and thanks Mark for your help.

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