All of the song titles are cliches, hence the album name. The album starts slowly then peaks and returns by the closing track. Music and lyrics vary from heavy metal to pop county to dark folk, a real mixed bag. No real genre was followed as the music and lyrics were built around the titles. (copyright Jeff Doering 2007)

Four Corners of the Earth
Folk - Alternative
Plays: 32
Colder Than A Bad Girls Heart
Pop - Rock
Plays: 15
A Place in the Sun
Folk - Country
Plays: 20
Rock n Roll Will Never Die
Rock - Hard Rock
Plays: 18
A Band of Renegades
Rock - Heavy Metal
Plays: 59
In the Arms of Morpheus
Unique - General
Plays: 13
Put the Hammer Down
Rock - Funk
Plays: 20
Face the Music
Folk - Rock
Plays: 12
Time Will Tell
Unique - General
Plays: 23

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