Press Release 1.0

The scale has finally tipped in his favor,as I. Write, the Chicago rapper with the flare for over dramatic wordplay, finished his first commercial project entitled "Press Release". The theme derives from he and his labels all out assault on media outlets to play his music. The album is a sharp turn for the urban rap moniker. Most of the songs were recorded in his friend and partners studio in Chicago. The album "Press Release" was finished in only four days but they only decided to only release a hand full to the public now in a EP dubbed "Press Release 1.0" All the songs could have been singles but the one that stands out the most was famed "Maserati Mood". It features a hard hitting live percussion and drops galore. "Press Release 1.0" is available May 26th, with 2.0 to be unleashed later this fall.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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