Cheese on Wheat

If you like June's album "If You Speak Any Faster," you genres you will love * Rock: College Rock * Pop: Pop Underground * Mood: Fun notes Bernie Bernie Headflap started as a quartet at Ursinus College in August of 1992. "Cheese on Wheat" is their first cd, released by a small local label in 1995. Some of the band's favorite bands at that time were pixies, pavement. nirvana ans fIREHOSE and all those influences can be heard as well as older favorites King Crimson and the Who. Songs "Xenophobe" and "Broken Room" received very good reviews from listeners at, and other titles such as "Too Loud the Laughtrack" and "Christopher Walken" show primary lyricist Alan McCabe's wry sense of humor. You can read a review of this cd at the All Music Guide website.

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Clean Clean

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