In Love and Death

"In Love and Death" is Jeffrey Hayes' second CD. Thirteen songs that tell about the wish to live and the wish to die, about the night, about love and escape and some unexpected angels. Strange, sad stories. A girl drowns. A dog runs away, again and again, nobody ever closes the gate. A smackhead helps himself from the collection plate and wonders if the entrance fee to Heaven equals the price for the next shot. A young couple on their way to Mexico, they don´t find what they are looking for and don´t know what it is, anyway. A silent love-story in a bus between Albuquerque and L.A. A girl smiles. Elvis is dead. If the heart stopped, sometimes it would feel so good. You can hear the influences: Hank Williams, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen, Gospel sometimes, the ancient ballads from the mountains, Hillbilly-singalongs and, unmistakably, and no alien element, the Ramones. Traditions merge without effort and become Jeffrey´s very own music. Grief, joy, hope, despair, no-frills and down to earth. Also "In Love and Death" was recorderd in Jeffrey´s bedroom, but it was mixed in a studio. The instrumentation is still sparse: guitar, a little percussion, a little bass, here and there the whiff of an organ. A lo-fi-folk-punk-record not suited for dancing. The mood: dark and bright. Relaxed. Some irony. Resigned optimism. A look back, a look inside, a look forward and beyond. Jeffrey knows what he sings about. Christine Wunnicke

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