Sinew and Lace

Galactic Anthems releases "Sinew and Lace," a 18 track, 77 minute CD, with styles ranging from electro-orchestral to rhythmic electronic to ambient. Tracks 1-8 are in the electro-orchestral area. With pounding percussion, majestic brass, and soaring strings, these tracks are definitely cinematic in nature. Tracks 9-14 are rhythmic electronic with percolating percussion and a wide variety of electronic sounds. Track 15, Brantridge Park, is a mellow and haunting track featuring a solo trumpet, strings and brass. Tracks 16-17 delve into the realm of Dark Ambient, with minimal rhythm and a atonal landscape. Track 18, "Eternity Suite" is a melding of three ambient tracks, "At the Gate," Transcending," and "Whispers of Eternity." This track ends the CD on a positive note.

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