The Ash Grove

Before I started playing with, Foley Road, I was in a duet called Price City Revolution. Pcrev is all about the revolution that occurs in us everyday of our lives. We are not into making any sort of splashy statement. We are only making an expression of where we are in this particular time of our lives. We got the idea that music is an intergenerational thing and we decided to make this album should be just that. We felt a real need to pass the idea of music on to younger members of our society and in particular, to those that have lost the connection to their past because of the challenges their families face. In the migration from our agricultural roots to the new urban environments of the modern nation, that which held people together has been lost. We felt that we could do some small part to reestblish that. Hence Ash Grove. It is just what it sounds like. People connecting to their past in some way. The Porter Shamrock Dulcimer Club is about some kids who learned to make their own dulcimers and play them, which they do. They do not play well but they play. They sing even though it would never win anything on American Idol. It not important what race, creed or color these kids are, only that they are a product of the infinite variables in history all coming together at a focal point in time. So Ash Grove is what it is. Listen to some of the sound bites and enjoy what you hear. Think about how these kids felt when they walked into the studio for the first time and how they felt when they heard their voices and the music of their hands on the finished product. Relish the fact that some sort of connection has been made and who knows where this will lead for them. And if it really resonates in your heart, feel free to buy it. Thanks Doug Sawan

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