Eden's Empire

This is an anthem for hope. We are the sound of Jimi Hendrix strapped to the front of a run-away freight train with Dylan feeding the fire. We are not rock stars. We're not selling sex, angst, or anarchy. We're giving away songs about how hard it is for our generation to find love, purpose, and truth in a world that just wants us to buy more of what put our parents in this situation. We are over educated, underpaid, and unsatisfied. We are James Dean with a guitar. We are twenty something's and we're restless. Hurricanes, diplomas, love, and big ideas have pulled us from all corners of the country and dropped us together in the Midwest. We have no money, no map, and no desire to just dream anymore. We are on an odyssey, we don't know what were looking for, but so far all we've found is rock n' roll.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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