TWO, the second CD from ReDuX:RMx, is a cool blend of contemporary instrumental nu-jazz and world electronica that?s great for throwing cocktail parties, chilling out over coffee with friends - and driving to. Check out the original Latin, Euro and Asian on TWO. In keeping with the concept of their label, Race of Tan Records - the coming together of races and cultures in the art and spirit of music - TWO infuses Latin, Euro, funk, Eastern, Asian and Celtic influences with electronica soundscapes to create eleven original tracks that transport the urban soul across the planet. Archangel Menezes on keys and Eddie Paton on guitar sonically take you places with music that excites, soothes and moves. Bob Basa?s melodic bass drives the tracks that feature stylistically diverse guitar solos and an exotic array of world instruments.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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