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His sound is like know other and has the fingers of the great producers ala..Quincy Jones, Andre Young and David Blake. Must listen to this album cause this guy brings the sound of the various artist from Cali - Texas. Kin folk Quatta Pound is back expressing his fun with LOMFL, Poppa Choppa a long time friend of DeVoe' sparks his Dallas sound, Litl - A soulful with his Houston sound, together name "Its a Texas Thang". Octane the Flame the blind rapper from Long Beach is on the scene with his hard lyrics, Boo Man getting it together for the listeners about family life and the newest addition to DeRe Family, artist "Cali Mays from SC Los Angeles bring that flavor of sound from way back in the day of King Tee. DeVoe' sound is very different from what you would here today. He kind of remind you of the famous rap producer Dr. Dre.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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