Alephra / Sands

de Luca & Forti AKA Alephra Music for oud, duduk, percussions and samplers. All tracks composed and produced by Francesco De Luca and Alessandro Forti except tracks #4 and #7 composed and produced by Francesco De Luca, Alessandro Forti, Leo Cesari. Music Publishing: Concertone/Sugarmusic Distributed by CNI Compagnia Nuove Indye Concertone CO 03002 Francesco De Luca: oud, guitars, darabuka and programming Alessandro Forti: keyboards and programming and Leo Cesari: frame drums, percussions on tracks 4,7 Pasquale Laino: duduk on tracks 2,4,5,11,12 Laura Polimeno: voice on tracks 5,10 Mastering by Fabrizio De carolis @ Reference Mastering Studio (Rome)

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Clean Clean

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