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An eclectic collection of remixes of Cavedoll songs Recommended if you like: Midnight Juggernauts, BT, Mouse On Mars, AFX Track Listing: 1. And When (Soundsurface remix) 2. The Lost and Found (The Stricken remix) 3. Decoder (DKdent remix) 4. The Key is in the Ocean (The Floury Heads remix) 5. Taste Like a Hurricane (VCR Quintet remix) 6. Broken Eardrums (T.H.S. remix) 7. Soma E Coup (Ookpik remix) 8. Decoder (Dorroo 'deep' remix) 9. The Shadow (UTM remix) 10. Exhale a Swallow (Kubik remix) 11. Decoder (KGH 'dub' remix) 12. The Shadow (Digital Lov remix) 13. Decoder (Digital Boundary remix) 14. Taste Like a Hurricane (3LA remix)

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Clean Clean

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