just go to sleep

Just go to Sleep, the debut double cd, is a haunting melancholy into ghostly ether; it teeters upon a revelation of hope within its balance of transcribed demons and a tight soul embrace. Listen to its sweep in its entirety in a quiet place. In its wisdom of depravity, within its percussive swirl, in its orchestration, philosophic technique, in its tenderly arranged ballad, in its will to reach you, let it, and you will, weep, as I did, or dance atop its Superego. The cd took almost three years to finish, and it most definitely shows blood and sweat and honesty and hope, during a period of extreme darkness and confusion, this epic work became a mission in opposites, in mining Beauty and Truth through the fine art of transcribing demons, and every listener has indeed been struck emotionally by its unconditional hold, its philosophic, intelligent, allegorical approach, and sincerity.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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