The Bozwell Incident

"The Bozwell Incident", the second CD released by Bozwell, provides 12 more quirky little gems. "Graduation Day", a snide look at school, opens the CD with an uplifting reggae groove that balances the sarcastic lyric. “Mountain Man” is to many the crème-de-la-crème of Bozwell’s work to date, fusing bluegrass to prog rock in hither-to unimaginable and adventurous ways. “Wheels No. 1” is a lush techno ballad. “Your Money or Your Life”, with its funky New Orleans groove, has a chorus that will stick in your head to the grave. “Turpentine Joe” is pure delight, a McCartneyesque look at the hobo lifestyle, inspired by “The Autobiography of a Supertramp” by W.H. Davies (the same book that inspired the name of the famous pop group), as is “The Tuning Song” a bluegrass instrumental that shows off Bozwell’s finger picking mastery. “My Perspective” and “Be There” use hip-hop and R&B grooves to deliver their introspective lyrics (think Marvin Gaye meets Jethro Tull). “Harry Can I Borrow Your Gun?”, a stark arrangement with acoustic guitars, well sung by guest Grant Boyko, is dark and intriguing. “Zombie Peepo” does for the wah-wah what Frampton’s “Do You Feel Like We Do? “ did for the talk box. “Don’t Wake Me” is shimmering and ethereal, deep with layers of e-bowed guitars. Finally, “All Is Fine (In the World)”, a bittersweet country-rock ballad, leaves you with a grin and feeling just that.

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