Boomslang is a four-piece band with an innovative approach to the realm of metal music. From the beginning, Boomslang has been driven to inaugurate its listeners to a new and inexpressible musical experience. When these four musicians come together, the tight, well-versed songs appear like magic. Their unique sound and style gives Boomslang an identity that is all their own. Their lyrical hooks, powerful vocals, and the wide range of hypnotic and potent harmonies, give this band the edge. Each member of this power foursome brings his distinct style and talent to create the bands musical intensity that in turn leads the crowd into a compelling display of power and energy. The band rewrites the rules of metal with their unparalleled live performance that is brimming with powerful and unpredictable stage antics. The fangs come out at every Boomslang performance. Boomslang is comprised of Vocalist Rich Treadway, Guitarist Dave Nelson, Bassist Mark Price and Drummer Doug Howell and hail from Danville, IL. The band recently released its debut CD entitled INSANITY which they recorded at Sleepless Nights Studio in Madison, WI with Paul Schluter (Cold, Last Crack, Muzzy Luctin) as engineer and co-producer and was mastered by Greg Reely (Fear Factory, Machine Head) in Vancouver. Boomslang intends to spread its name and talent as far is it can possibly go and will stop at nothing to play the music that feeds their ferocious appetite.

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Clean Clean

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