"Get used to hearing this name because the name will be spoken with adoration and exaltation for a long time a coming... These bad ass Indie rockers from Bean Town (Boston, MA for the non east coast natives) will not disappoint!! As a whole, they play with deftness, with a masterful command of the sound that radiates from their instruments. The influence of Metallica can be felt throughout the album. “Armageddon Soul” is a manifestation of the collective genius that embodies BLACKLINE. “Superone” slows it down a notch, but not to worry, they keep it hard and powerful throughout... “RUN” is just another avenue in which these guys illustrate the countless reasons why BLACKLINE will soon be as much of a household name as Metallica or Tool. Don't take my word for it, listen for yourself... And I dare you to make an attempt to prove me wrong..." --Kotori Magazine Review

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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