The One Delight

For some of us, life in this world seems to have lost a bit of its luster the past couple of years. In spite of many losses, though, we still have a gift of refresh and restore. I prefer to think we're now in a space between two where man plans and God laughs, and another that will be better forever. -Ruby Bird It seems that everybody I know: artists, musicians, authors, poets, sculptors (OK I don't know any sculptors) took advantage of a bad thing (the pandemic thing) and used that time to create something new. So that's a positive thing that came out of this terrible situation we all found ourselves in. Ruby and I were no different. It was great to have the time and energy to write and record new songs. We couldn't have any other musicians in the studio with us so we ended up playing and singing everything ourselves. This is the first time we've done that for a whole CD. exception...after everyone was vaxed and double vaxed we had our drummer, Joe Jaworski, come in and record his cajon and assorted percussion on the last two songs. What a pleasure it was to interact with another musician! When I get a new CD (or download, if that is your preference) I like to listen to it at a volume that tunes out other thoughts, people and worries. Get all the way into it. So...for the best listening pleasure, turn it up as loud as you would expect your favorite band to be in your favorite club or concert hall. Tune In and Tune Out to "The One Delight"! -Billy Carl Mancini

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Space Between Two Worlds
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Clean Clean

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