Still Smokin' After 20 Years

Billboard | Billboard Picks Music | by RW – December 18, 2004 Billy Bacon & the Forbidden Pigs Still Smokin’ After 20 Years Veteran genre-bending road hog Billy Bacon assembles some choice cuts of eight previous releases in a package that nicely captures the diverse Pigs sound. Bacon and the boys are all over the musical meat market, offering infectious Mexican cantina treats (“Una Mas Cerveza,” “Hasta Manana Iguana”), rockabilly rave-ups (“Battle With the Bottle,” “Bon Ton”), Van Morrison-styled R&B (“Clown,” “Are You Going Back There Tonight”) and hard-charging swing (“[When It’s] Cold Outside,” “Jump for Jive”). There’s also some barroom country in “While the Wife’s Away,” some CCR-esque rock in “Valleys and Peaks” and some loungey blues in “I’m a Fool.” Bassist Bacon (born W. Seth Russell) is a seriously good songwriter, his dusky vocals are mighty fine, and his Pigs play with verve and skill. So where have these guys been hiding for 20 years? At a roadhouse smoke pit near you. Distributed by Navarre.

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