One Day in a Life (2009)

In One Day in a Life, Orchestral, Acoustic Rock, and New Age music collide to create something simply beautiful. Like a master Renaissance painter, Bill has a musical palette of Jazz, Blues, and Rock which he mixes and blends perfectly on a canvas of his life experience. Says Wren, "I endeavor to write music that moves the human heart in a positive way." One Day in a Life presents eleven tracks that are soothing, smooth and flow easily. "Heart to Heart" features acoustic piano, guitar, and bass which collide with gentle percussion and speak directly to the soul. Moody and mellow soundscapes emerge from complex and soaring melodies in "Betrayal" and "Day Break." Compositions such as "Ocean Breeze" and "Old Friend" reveal subtle melodic menageries, with a hint of his influence from the sixties.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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