Single - BE NICE (written & produced by Betsy Walter & Kenny Lamb) WHAT IS BE NICE? It is treating other people the way you want to be treated by being kind, respectful and generous. Here in Williamson County Schools, it's just what we do! BACKGROUND In 2013-14, a group of Fairview High School students and staff began working on ways to create a culture of kindness in their school. Together, they came up with the slogan BE NICE and began printing t-shirts and signs with the mantra. As the message spread, photos of students, teachers, celebrities and professional athletes holding the BE NICE sign began to appear on social media. More importantly, teachers and students at Fairview High began to report a change in student behavior. Turns out, the BE NICE message was making a real difference! WHAT'S NEXT After witnessing the success at Fairview High, the district decided to expand the message to include all 41 schools and the Williamson County community at large. Now that each school has its own BE NICE sign and t-shirt, the movement is spreading world-wide. From Uganda to the Great Wall of China, photos of the BE NICE sign are popping up on social media, proving that Williamson County students and staff are committed to taking this powerful message with them wherever they go! EVENT On September 3, 2014, Williamson County Schools hosted a special event at the Franklin Theatre to kick-off the start of the district-wide BE NICE movement. Student representatives from each school were joined by mayors from around the county as the district celebrated the BE NICE way of life. Additionally, Mayor Rogers Anderson proclaimed September as "BE NICE Month" in Williamson County. SONG In March 2015, Williamson County Schools released the BE NICE song, written and produced by Betsy Walter and Kenny Lamb. Williamson County Director of Schools, Mike Looney, who came up with the idea to create a song for the movement, said he hopes the song will not only help sust

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