The Fine Line Collection

"The Fine Line Collection" is Beatcentric's Debut Album... BeatCentric is a collaborative Neo-soul / Hip Hop/ R&B Duo that compose, produce and perform their own tunes in the San Francisco bay area Mark Stockham and Andre Jones better known as Stockham & Jones utilize Orange Tree Studios for their endeavors of bringing various R&B Hip Hop Styles together in an eclectic fusion that Zaps influences from popular music heavy weights over the decades... Mark is a champion of the Axe, Classical 88s, Bass, and Mixing Table. His work throughout the years included sessions with Chaka Kahn, Huey Lewis, and Sylvester Stewart, to name a few. His mastery of the 88s plays second fiddle only to his accomplished skill on his new Clapton special series Fender with built-in effects. Andre is a gifted lyricist and knows how to develop many layered melodies that fit the music that Mark delivers. He is a perfectionist when it comes to melodies and lyrical arrangements, which compliments Marks musical concepts and vision. Both their collaborations mesh into something personal and unique.. Andre has Front Man experience with many Bay Area bands, but owes original claim as Organic Korg farmer to a once Paradox Blue, currently DubWoofer Media Works in Oakland Ca. These (2) gentlemen have brought their experiences and influences together in a plethora of rich songwriting, compositon, and mastering sessions that rival some of the better R&B and Hip Hop artists of today's heavily saturated markets. Each compliment each other's talents and abilities.

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Clean Clean

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