Stoming Heaven

Avalon Rising has just released "Storming Heaven" featuring a vibrant collection of progressive Celtic and original rock songs, ranging from fiery dance tunes to atmospheric ballads. The album has a mystical presence evocative of Otherwhere and Otherwhen and features scintillating instrumental solos by Kristoph Klover (electric guitar), Cat Taylor (electric fiddle), and Margaret Davis (flute and harp), capably backed by the powerful rhythm section of Mark Ungar, Kevin Fanning, and Scott Irwin. Lead singers Klover and Davis deliver dynamic vocal treatments of these timeless traditionals and fresh originals.

Hexamshire Lass
World - Celtic
Plays: 68
Hunt the Blarney Cat
World - Celtic
Plays: 88
Glasgow Peggy
World - Celtic
Plays: 85
The Chieri
Folk - Rock
Plays: 104
Sidhe Set
World - Celtic
Plays: 82
Lark in the Morning, The
World - Celtic
Plays: 105
Jack Daw
Rock - Progressive Rock
Plays: 86
Congress Reel/Red Crow
World - Celtic
Plays: 67
Do You Love an Apple?
World - Celtic
Plays: 52
Turning in Time
Rock - Progressive Rock
Plays: 36
Musical Pesto Set
Rock - Progressive Rock
Plays: 134
Black Joke Set
World - Celtic
Plays: 114
Folk - Rock
Plays: 66
Health to the Company
Folk - Traditional
Plays: 102
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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