Strike A Match

"New York City's Autodrone have a haunting and kaleidoscopic strata that makes the listener's skin crawl and raises the hair on on the back of one's neck. While wearing a love for all things Creation Records on their sleeve, their lucent pop backbone slams head-on into just a pinch of white noise, jarring vocals, lurking hooks and other instrumental nuances that are spine-tingling and resplendent all at once." -URB MAGAZINE Absolute Punk "Strike a Match is the first full-length release from Autodrone, it's an astoundingly accomplished and confident piece of music from a band with a bright future. The record shows remarkably mature songwriting and very strong musicianship, and there's a raw energy and very honest feel that permeates every song on the record. Strike a Match is so deep and diverse that in all likelihood there is something on this album for everyone to enjoy, and for those who love the louder excesses of shoegazing rock in the vein of My Bloody Valentine, this album is a must hear." - Absolute Punk "There's no doubting the bruised beauty and intensely epic thorough breeding that pulses throughout the whole of 'Strike a Match'. Over the course of the ensuing years Autodrone have honed their mercurial spirit to the point of an enviable fine art, all at once intricate and devastating, caressing and crushing, tender and turbulent 'Strike a Match' is in one short word colossal and in another ravaged." - Losing Today (UK)

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