Another Fatal Blow

Anthony Robustelli’s Another Fatal Blow may be the artist’s most accessible and unadorned work to date, and that’s a good thing. Known for his proclivity for rock and soul with distinctly jazz underpinnings, fans may be pleasantly surprised by Robustelli’s newest release which plainly showcases his R&B, soul and classic rock ‘n roll abilities. On Another Fatal Blow Anthony Robustelli delivers head-bobbin’ hooks, superb melodies, masterful musicianship and outstanding vocal performances track after track. While on songs like “So Far Removed” and “Anxiety’s Confession” Robustelli displays a smart, refreshing and wholly modern take on the classic ‘70s pop soul genre, hard hitting tunes like “Another Rant,” “Your Other Plan” and the lounge-y “Obscene Alibis” prove that Another Fatal Blow is uniquely his own. With Another Fatal Blow Anthony Robustelli delivers a fluid, high energy and utterly enveloping disc.

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