"Intuition" is the second album release from Norwegian-born singer/songwriter Ann-Marita, and it continues to push the boundaries of modern country music where her 2004 self-titled debut left off. Backed up by some of Australia's top musicians and produced by guitar virtuoso Brett Garsed, Ann-Marita delivers an album rich in diversity and creativity. Unlike numerous country albums to date, this one tells the story of a life far from confined to the space of one's home town. From growing up in a Norwegian mining community north of the Arctic Circle, to coming of age as a foreign exchange student in the American Midwest, to singing party tunes on Swedish cruise ships, to being broke but hopeful, pounding the Los Angeles pavement, to building a new life and career in Melbourne, Australia, this girl has lived to tell all, and every little bit of experience has added its share to the heartfelt stories and soaring melodies on "Intuition".

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