Take the Wheel

Keating's second release "Take the Wheel" is songwriting at its purest. Somewhere along the way, between her beginnings in Boston, her travels on the road and her eventual landing in New York City, she developed a sound -- passionate music and intimate songs -- tough and tender. The Village Voice raves, " Keating is a wise mix of Lucinda Williams songwriting, Gillian Welch guitar and a vocal all her own...one of those singer-songwriters that lets her music do the talking. Her style invokes a cross between Willie Nelson and John Prine and you don't get any better than that." You don't get any better than that. Keating doesn't dance around issues or waste time wondering -- she takes the wheel. No frills or posturing -- her sultry voice cuts straight to the heart. Childhood, relationships, battles won and battles lost. There is an honesty here, sometimes sad but always brave that lets you know this woman travels roads not taken and goes the distance. Through her journeys, she writes songs that take us places well worth visiting.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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