Pool All The Love * Pool All The Knowledge

Anna Laube's 2009 sophomore release. Recorded predominately in Madison, WI, at DNA Studios with Mark Whitcomb on the boards. Band includes Brendan O'Connell on guitar (The Right Now), Nick Moran on bass (El Clan Destino, dumate), Aaron Konkol on keys (Natty Nation), Scott Beardsley on drums (Lorenzo's Music), Rob Reich on accordion (Gaucho), Sarah Morris (vocals), Ben Ferris (bass), Riley Sattler (drums), and Matt Bruer (banjo). A review from the San Francisco Bay Guardian's Todd Lavoie: "Laube describes herself as a bit of a roamer in her press materials, and that wandering spirit tends to flavor her just-released second album, Pool All the Love * Pool All the Knowledge (Gingko), a comfortingly rootsy collection of songs that evoke memories of road trips and visits to quieter, less bustling locales than her current place of residence. Her voice is an alluringly warm, friendly instrument - sweet without becoming cloying, tender and heartfelt and rich from just a hint of a soft husky purr from time to time. Love, family, and friends - and now and then, the open road - form the bulk of her songwriting material, and her many of her compositions are constructed from such straightforward, elemental phrasing that they feel quickly familiar...Countrified folk is one of Laube's greatest strengths; her come-sit-here-and-let-me-tell-you-my-story delivery gives these songs a genuinely real, unfussy confessional quality, and the careful touch of twang in her voice is just enough to bring added authenticity. Midtempo opener "This Moment With Me" - "yesterday's already gone / tomorrow's no guarantee" - is a solid example of what I mean. It's simple, direct, plainspoken - and this matter of the subject's getting right to the point is nicely served by strident strummed guitars and subtle accents of hand claps..." Full article: http://www.sfbg.com/blogs/music/2009/03/let_em_roam_sf_singersongwrite.html

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