"FLY! 11 Songs to Help You Shine Your Sink and Soothe Your Soul," is a CD composed and produced by Amy Benson Lacey and other talented individuals that promotes the inspirational and organizational principles of Marla Cilley, the "FlyLady" of To quote FlyLady: "This music is so beautifully written, performed and arranged that you truly feel the you have been hit upside the head and heart with waves of inspiration and fun. There are fun dance around the house songs, uplifting songs and songs that just make you feel loved and hugged. There are loving songs, silly songs and songs that make your heart swell. "Every single song on this disc will have you singing along before the track is over. They are written for FlyBabies everywhere! Listening to these songs is as if someone was watching you and just knew exactly what to say to you and how to make you feel loved. Whether you are soaring or felling low this music will make your heart sing!"

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Clean Clean

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