ARPI 004 - Order of Melchizedek - Beeinflussingsapparat Mass PRIVATE ISSUE

Private Issue of the Beeinflussingsapparat Mass experiment, sold at the show. This edition is limited to only 15 copies and includes the bonus 3 inch CDr, subtitled, 'Further Research in Theological Neuro Manipulation'. All tracks are in demo form, recorded live in the studio and unmastered. Brain wave pulse patterns were used during these recordings to enhance experience. Package includes: 1x Beeinflussingsapparat Mass - CDr 1x Beeinflussingsapparat Mass - Further research in Theological Neuro-Manipulation 3 Inch CDr 1x Neuroconnection device 2x inserts 3x caffine pills TRACKS INCLUDE: Beeinflussingsapparat Mass; Intro The New Minority The Blood of The Lamb A Sickened Course (Parts I-III) The Magdline Whore Fervor Outro Further Research in Theological Neuro Manipulation Alpha Beta Delta Theta

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