Take A Good Look

"Take A Good Look", released in August 2003, is Alyson's debut album. Resource Record Pool in Los Angeles deemed the album a "Pick Hit" in August 2003, and her first single "Baby Come Back" is charting across the U.S. and Canada in reporting record pools that keep track of what's playing in the clubs. "Baby Come Back" was the #12 urban single in the U.S. for the entire month of January 2004 and just went #1 on Breakin' Da Hits Urban Chart in Virginia. The CD's combination of R&B dance grooves, soulful ballads and club dance tracks creates a powerful blend of R&B, Dance and Soul. "Baby Come Back" and "Nothin' More To Say" are now impacting radio, including WMPH in Delaware, KFI in Los Angeles and WXAC in Pennsylvania. For more info, go to www.alysongrooves.com.

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Clean Clean

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