'Restless' - Judith de los Santos

Produced by Judith de los Santos Engineered by Chris Owens 2005 Homesick Insomniac This was the first thing that I did for Judith. Judith was singing and did the acoustic guitars, Andres Ascanio played bass, Jack DeBoe was hitting drums and cymbals, and I played electric guitars. I went a little bit over the top with overdubbing, I played all kinds of guitars, including sitar and mando-guitar, we probably had 10-15 guitar tracks on most of the songs, but Judith was doing a good job producing it, so it worked out well. We got some really great guitar tones, especially with a Les Paul through a couple of Fenders. Chris Owens recorded it. He's a great guy and he's doing quite well in L.A. these days.

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Clean Clean

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