The Blue Rose

From Grammy® nominated Al Conti comes this, his fifth release, an ancient tale told through music, exploring themes as ancient as time. Conti masterfully weaves music and narrative entrancing the listener and blending modern and ancient sensibilities. Beautifully crafted, peaceful, unpretentious yet powerful, Conti has once again shown his versatility by creating a work of deep emotion that will be undoubtedly welcomed by his audience. This release, featuring the talents of award winning artist Ann Licater, is the next step in Conti's cultural journey which has positioned him as one of the most innovative talents in New Age/World music today. A princess, a rose, and a quest for the unattainable. Faced with the prospect of an undesirable marriage, a princess devises a plan: the man she will agree to marry must profess his love by finding the impossible... a blue rose. Knowing such a rose does not exist in nature, the princess rests, confident that she has escaped marriage and is in control of her own destiny. But destiny has other plans and the unattainable rose - the impossible love - suddenly manifests and her heart is swept away.

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Clean Clean

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