Kelly McGuire - Detriot Lean

Kelly says.... If you like fat backbeats with pop/soul hooks this is your CD. Guitar, Hammond B3, horn sections, big hook choruses and a couple loose soul jams. Uplifting tunes played by ''real'' people with no fancy studio trickery. I got my style from Motown acts like Marvin Gaye, Stevie wonder and Temptations. Also love that rock stuff like REO, Bad Company & Beatles and then if you mix in a little Huey Lewis and Eagles...there you have it. So slide Detroit lean into your CD player, turn up that volume knob, kick up those wearied feet, pop open some liquid libations of choice or roll down your windows, put your elbow out, tap you foot and let the blue eyed soul waves float down the boulevard as the wind and guitar riffs hit your smiling face.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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