New Road

NEW ROAD - Music by Alan Babbitt DEBUT ALBUM RELEASED AFTER SEVEN DECADES! Very few musicians wait until they're almost 70 years old to release their debut album. Alan Babbitt is one of them. "What's the hurry?" says the singer - songwriter who chose April Fools Day as the album's release date. "I was pretty busy for 65 of those years," he goes on. "Hopefully, the 2nd album won't take quite as long." NEW ROAD is an eclectic mix of musical styles including folk, folk rock, jazz and a new genre Babbitt calls "Grump Rock." "There are more than a few things in this world to be grumpy about," he says with a smile, "I don't think I'll run out of material anytime soon." NEW ROAD features nine original songs - ranging from humorous to quirky to thought-provoking, with a few stops in between. The album is infused with catchy melodies, jazzy arrangements, and rich vocal harmonies. Lyrically, Babbitt weaves together little stories and impressions, and offers some intriguing, and at times, wacky, perspectives. Thanks for listening.

The Songwriter
Jazz - Contemporary
Plays: 1,142
Back to Baseball
Folk - Americana
Plays: 822
To Hell with Spammers
Unique - Comedy
Plays: 606
Moments of Decision
Folk - Rock
Plays: 652
Let's Change The Game!
Rock - Americana
Plays: 236
The Perception of Time
Jazz - Contemporary
Plays: 199
Lazy Sunday
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
Plays: 149
Our House
Folk - Rock
Plays: 472
Back to Baseball - Spring Edition
Folk - Americana
Plays: 387
A Good Time To Be Alive
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 325
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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