Wake up & welcome to the real world

Released in 1995 Top 5 MP3 Rock chart - rish Dream Track Listing Wake up & welcome to the real world New Toy Mother Free Me Masters of the universe Memories of Love A Tale of London Dancing in the rain Leaving Cascais The Irish Dream Favourite Chair Ghosts Review by Frank Blades - Alternate View WAKE UP & WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD is a great album. It took a little to get into - but that was mainly because the music seems to float over you if you are not careful. The songs flow very well, and seem to lull you into appreciating them rather than grabbing you by the throat. The problem is that then you miss the lyrics - and these are the other great strength of the album. I have not quoted many, namely because they do not work out of context. I guess you will have the buy the album to see what I mean, won’t you!

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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