Nowhere Land

Album Notes Austin Lane brings his six strings to life in this entry into a new land. His deep comprehension of not only his musical instruments but also the engineering aspect of making a project of this magnitude is evident from the first strum to the last pick. With the help of two of his friends, the well-known lead engineer of TyMena Studios G400 and engineering colleague, seasoned drummer Silvano Perez- he easily commutes every listener to a pasture of sonic beauty. On top of the well versed list of credits one sticks out as a long awaited collaboration, as Las Vegas living legend and globally accredited entertainer Ty Lemley joins team for the nationally acclaimed Sleepwalk for a cover that is sure to send shivers up your spine. Austin Lane speaks volumes through his guitar and can truly send anybody to a realm of such ravishing riffs and magnificent melodies that he truly is the guru of the desert. This is truly a monumental stride for not only all the artists and engineers involved but also for TyMena Productions as this is the first project completely recorded and produced in house. This acts as a tremendous benchmark in all their careers

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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